Here you can download our newsletters (.pdf) (Dutch) where you can find more details on specific experiments at the Baby Research Center, as well as some preliminary results. Our participants receive a copy of the most recent newsletter.


BRC in the News

Publiekskanaal BNIB: Paradigma (Eindhoven Library project) live broadcast (in Dutch). 2014 is the 'year of the brain'. This  ambitious project aims to make European citizens more aware of how this complicated organ functions. On 11 September, Paradigma invited 3 inspiring speakers (including Dr. Sabine Hunnius of the Baby Research Center) to provide  some insight into the amazing  world of the brain. Click here to watch this programme.

Editie NL: 'Foetus op taalles', August 2013. Whilst still in the womb, babies can learn much more about language than was previously thought. In this edition, Professor Dr. Paula Fikkert and others talk briefly on this subject. Click here to watch this programme.

Labyrint, March 2013: 'De lieve natuur' - How did altruism evolve? In the second part of this episode of Labyrint, researchers attempt to answer this question. Psychologist  Ulf Liszkowski thinks that our willingness to help others is genetic - babies of 14 months already point to things in order to help others. Click here to watch this programme.

On 2nd November 2012, during Tag der offenen Tür, a short film for German students wishing to study in Nimegen, Dr. Sabine Hunnius spoke about the work of the Baby Research Center. Click here (N.B. in German).

In October 2011 the Radboud University made a short film about Sabine Hunnius and her work at the babylab. Click here if you would like to watch this short video.

On 29 May 2011, Professor Harold Bekkering was interviewed in the programme Labyrint, broadcast by the VPRO. Click here to listen to this programme. Sabine Hunnius was interviewed in the  radio programme Hoe?Zo! where she spoke about her book "Het babybrein". Click here to listen to this interview.

Sabine Hunnius, director of the Baby Research Center and a researcher at the Donders Institute, appeared in the TV series Breingeheim, broadcast by Omroep Max in April 2011 in an episode about babies' brains. Click here to watch this programme.

On 2nd July 2009, Sabine Hunnius, director of the Baby Research Center and postdoctoral researcher at the Donders Center for Cognition, appeared on the Dutch TV program "Noorderlicht nieuws". She spoke about a study on the development of functional object knowledge in infants which was carried out at the Baby Research Center. Click here to watch this programme.

Below are a few of the articles that have appeared on the Baby Research Center and our lab members. To read the .pdf files, you need Acrobat Reader. You can download this program here, free of charge.

 Articles in Dutch:

  • In het lab: baby's wakker houden - By Martine Zuidweg. Published in 13 June 2014. Click here.
  • Van brabbelkont tot kletsmajoor - by Otje van der Lelij. Published in Ouders van Nu. January 2014. Click here
  • Boe doet de koe - by Otje van der Lelij. Published in Ouders van Nu. 5 May 2013. Click here
  • In het lab: experimenteren met kids. Martine Zuidweg. Published in 17 April 2013. Click here.
  • Slimme baby's - by José van der Sman. Published in Elsevier. 16 March 2013. Click here
  • Hoe verwerken babyhersenen taal? Mathilde Jansen. Published in Kennislink 15 March 2013. Click here
  • Wat gaat er om in een baby hoofdje?' Published in Baby Boom, Het nieuwe ouderschap (een bijlage bij Dagblad de Telegraaf), February 2013. click here.
  • Wat gebeurt er in dat hoofdje? - by Tonie Mudde. Published in Experiment NL – wetenschap in Nederland Deel 4(Een uitgave van NWO in samenwerking met Quest. 2011. click here
  • 'Wetenschappers hebben de neiging de vaardigheden van baby's te overschatten' - Malou van Hintem interviews Sabine Hunnius. Published in Spraakmakende Wetenschap, Special van Radboud Magazine: Alumnidag 2011, October 2011. click here
  • Het is twee en bedient een iPhone - by Mor te Koon. Published in VivaMama, September/October 2011. click here
  • Wat gaat er om in dit hoofdje? 'Elke peuter een ander temperament'. Published in de Gelderlander, Nijmegen, 30 September 2011. click here
  • Pasgeboren baby's huilen al in hun moedertal. Baby bla bla - by Tonie Mudde. Published in Quest magazine, September here
  • Het babybrein - interview met Sabine Hunnius - by Renate van der Zee. Published in Libelle, 22 - 28 April 2011. click here
  • Het krachtige babybrein...ook al is het klein - by Anne Lepelaars, published in Redax Magazine, April 2011. click here
  • Ongeboren baby snapt de wereld al - Published in Nederlands Dagblad, 13 October 2010. click here & here
  • Wat ouders willen weten over het babybrein - by John van Oppen, published in de Gelderlander, 12 October 2010. click here
  • Baby proeft al smaken in de buik -, 12 October 2010. click here
  • Nieuwste inzichten babybrein voor groot publiek - University of Nijmegen Wetenschapsagenda, 7 October 2010. //" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" data-mce-href="">click here
  • Baby ziet een smiley lachen - Published in de Volkskrant,25 September 2010. click here
  • Hoe het brein fascineert - Published  in Nijmegen university magazine Vox, 16 September 2010. click here
  • Het brein van de baby -  Published in Radboud Magazine, September 2010. click here
  • Baby kan wijzen naar iets dat er niet is - Published in NRC Handelsblad, 28 April 2009. click here
  • Babylabs zijn nu onderdeel van het onderzoeks landschap - Published in Vrij Nederland. click here
  • Wat computers van baby's kunnen leren - Published in Nijmegen university magazine Vox, by Martine Zuidweg. click here
  • Baby onderscheidt na zevenmaanden al woorden - Published in Vroeg, scientific journal on early recognition of development problems. February 2008. click here
  • Nijmegenaar als labrat - An article about the population of Nijmegen’s contribution to research at the university. Published in the Nijmegen University magazine Vox, by Martine Zuidweg. click here
  • In September 2005 the Baby Research Center was featured in the TELEAC radio show Hoe?Zo! You can listen to it here.
  • Taaltalent - Published in Ouders van Nu. An article about the Baby Research Center by Femke van den Berg.
  • Ik denk graag experimenteel - Published in KUZien. An interview with Anne Cutler after she was awarded the Spinoza prize, by Karin Bosveld
  • Het Baby Research Center: Elke Baby is een talenwonder - Published in De Blik Nijmegen . An article about the Baby Research Center by Hanneke van Broekhoven.
  • Baby proefkonijn - Published in the University magazine Vox . An article about the Baby Research Center and other infant studies by Bea Ros.
  • Baby's leren spreken in de moederbuik -Published in Taalschrift, September 2003. A double interview with Paula Fikkert and Annemarie Schaerlaekens by Ben Salemans. click here

Articles in German:

  • Ich zeig, also sprech ich- Published in Frankfurter Allgemeine, September 5th, 2008. click here
  • Das Fäustchen dreimal auf und zu- Published in Süddeutsche Zeitung, August 8th 2008. click here
  • So geht das aber gar nicht - Published in Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, June 29th 2008. click here
  • Sprachgenies in Windeln -  Published in the Financial Times.By Christian Herbst.

Articles in English:

  • Studying bilingual babies - Published in North Wales News, 2010. click here
  • Babies can communicate with adults before they learn to speak - Published in the Telegraph September 17th 2008, by Urmee Khan. click here
  • The Origins of Babble - Published in Johns Hopkins Magazine, by Melissa Hendricks. click here