A typical visit

entrance BRC A typical visit to our lab will last approximately 30 minutes. This is one of our participants in front of the entrance to the Baby Research Center.




When you visit the Baby Research Center, a member of staff will be waiting for you at the entrance to the car park, where you will be given our parking permit so that you can park in one of our designated parking spaces.

Bicycle stands are located in front of the building.

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warming up3aBefore the experiment starts, the researcher will explain the procedure to you. Your child can look around and play, so that he or she will feel at ease when the experiment starts.

eye tracking2 Every experiment is different, but for most tests your child will be seated on your lap. Sometimes you will listen to music through headphones. This is done to ensure that you do not inadvertently bias your child’s reaction to the pictures and sounds we may present during the experiment.
labvisit Your child will be shown a short film or will be asked to play a game. By observing how children respond during our experiments, we can find out more about the way they learn language or how they think. Each experiment typically lasts 5-15 minutes, and generally your child will participate in 1 or 2 such experiments during your appointment.
outside2c After the experiment you will receive either a book or a monetary reimbursement. You will also receive our yearly newsletter with more information on our experiments.





Please note that we are not able to provide parents with results of individual test sessions. Our experiments are not designed to test the performance of individual children. Rather, we are interested in the results of large groups of children in the same age range. Our main goal is to learn more about infants’ social, cognitive, and linguistic development in the first three years of life. Results of our studies are described in our newsletters for participants .

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