About the research

Can I be present when my child is being tested?

Yes, parents are always present when their child is being tested.

Who else is present during my appointment?

There are generally one or two researchers present depending on the study. Sometimes there may also be a student or intern present to learn how to run studies.

Can I choose not to participate even if the study has already started?

Yes, you can pull out of the study at any point in time.

If video recordings are to be made during my appointment, can I refuse to have my child recorded?

Yes, of course. When we make an appointment with you we will let you know if video recordings will be made. If you prefer that no recording be made, you can let us know.

Can I take photos, make recordings of the study?

It is not possible to take photos or make videos during the experiment as this would affect the study, but when we have finished testing you are welcome to take a photo of your child in the lab.

Will I receive any payment for participation?

You will offered either a gift for your child or a small amount of money.

Will I be told how my child performed during the study?

We are unable to give individual results since we only look at the results of the group of children tested as a whole. We do however produce a yearly newsletter (in Dutch) with the findings of our research. You will be given the latest newsletter after your appointment. Alternatively, it can be downloaded from our website: http://www.babyresearchcenter.nl/en/newsletters For some studies, you may also receive extra information about the results of the study.

I participated in a study and I have some questions/comments. Who should I contact?

You can call our lab manger on 024:2611203. She will try to answer your questions or if necessary put you in contact with the researcher.

Can I read the article that is published about the study in which my child participated?

Yes, if you would like to read one of our articles, contact our lab manager (024-3611203) and she will put you in touch with the researcher or give you a link to the relevant article.

If it is apparent from one of the studies my child participates in that he/she is not developing as expected, will I be told?

The tests that we do for our research are not suitable for detecting developmental problems in your child, so we are unable to give this kind of information.